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Product Features:
  • Sturdy: Creatively engineered stabilizing system ensures our tonneau covers survives the most rigorous trials of fierce wind, uneven road surface and keep excellent performance in snowy, rainy, and salty working circumstances. With tonneau cover open and its supporting system properly engaged, our tonneau cover can be safely operated on highway with a speed as high as 65 miles per hour. 
  • 2.5X Space: Versatile engineering design makes our tonneau cover not just a truck bed cover, but also a cargo space extender. With tonneau cover open, it is able to enhance the cargo space of the original truck bed by 150% to help transport your belongings more efficiently. 
  • Rust-Free: All the frames and envelopes of Magsong tonneau covers are made from 304 stainless steel. All the welding points are professionally coated and sealed. With all the high-standard welding and sealing crafts we have embed in our manufacture process, the tonneau covers we made can be rust-free for decades. 
  • Antitheft: With our tonneau cover installed and closed, valuable equipment can be leaved in truck bed overnight, without the worries of rough weather condition or potential theft risk. Closed tonneau cover creates a sturdy stainless platform which is strong enough to support 400 pounds, the weight of two adults. 
We can also build stainless steel tonneau covers based on the sizes provided by customers. 

Brand: Magsong
Material: 304 Stainless steel 
Dimensions: 63 inches(W), 62.2 inches(L).
Manufactured in China, designed in the USA. 

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phone: (631) 459-1718

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